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Industrial Market: Bearing Components

Die Design and Construction

Clitunno Meccanica proposes itself as a qualified and reliable partner for the design and construction of compound, progressive and transfer dies for blanking, punching, bending and cold forming of all types of sheet metal.

Thanks to a long and diversified experience, achieved through the multiple situations affronted, the designers develop the equipment in strict collaboration with the client, offering a specialized consulting on technical solutions (for products and processes) and handling the engineering of all the production process phases.

The latest CAD/CAM systems, and the use of the most modern machines for the production (including traditional and modern CNC working center, wire and plunge EDM), guarantees precision and quality.

In the trial phase, the tools are optimized until the full achievement of the customer demands.

The archiving of all the updated technical drawings of the dies and the precision of construction of all the parts guarantee both the quality of our products and the reliability of our processes.